How to Find a Replacement Goalie

During the course of the season, teams may find themselves in need of a replacement goalie. We've compiled the best practices for finding a goalie in a pinch!
  1. Ask Your Teammates/Friends.
  2. Post in your LUG Captains chat to ask other captains for their goalies.
  3. Join the LUG Community Facebook Group and post about the game. 
  4. Visit the Roster Page of teams in your LUG Division and Direct Message their goalies. The roster of all teams can be viewed by clicking on a team in the standings.
  5. Borrow the Equipment of Your Goalie and have another player play goal.
  6. Ask the team playing in front of you or behind you to have their goalie play back to back.
  7. Submit a form to request a goalie. Please fill this out with at least 24-hour notice. While we cannot guarantee we will find a replacement goalie, we will do our best to help.

Finding a replacement goalie is your team's responsibility. While the form was created to add another tool, we cannot guarantee we will find you a replacement.

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