Can we use other players if we are short?

We don't want to forfeit so can we use spares?

Teams may call up a player to sub for their team at any point during the regular season but cannot use any non-rostered player for a playoff game.

If you want to use a player during a regular season game, you can: 

  • use any player currently registered with LUG from another team 
    • in your same division 
    • in one division higher or lower than your team's division 
    • for Co-ed teams, you can use a player from the women's division 
  • use a player who is not currently registered with LUG but the player wanting to play must fill out the Call Up Player Registration form  in order to be eligible to play.

Remember it doesn't help your team to keep bringing in really strong players to get the win in the regular season as you can't use them during playoffs, so do your best to bring in players of similar skill to those players you are replacing. There are no call-ups allowed during playoffs BUT if you find a call up you really like and want to keep for playoffs, they can register for the season at any point and make themselves eligible. 

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